Mirror Image

Interactive mirror object housing a camera system, evolving portraits on multiple screens, wall-mounted workstation. Audience can allow their image to be taken by closing eyes their eyes in front of the mirror object for at least five seconds.

Mirror Image forms at the intersection of algorithmic imagination, attention economy and self-representation. As Narcissus was drawn to its image, we have become mesmerized by our innovations and capacity to act as a geological force. One could argue that we are about to enter an era in which our self-representation as humans is about to be challenged by the promise of intelligent machines.

Mirror Image initiates self-admiration, raises self-awareness and promotes self-reflection, but it also invites the audience to close their eyes to participate in a dataset that informs machine learning algorithms to imagine portraits of people that never were, creating an evolutionary, collective portrait that unfolds and perfects itself as it is being seen.

Photo by HAM / Kirsi Halkola
Photo by HAM / Kirsi Halkola