diy Nightseeing Tours

diy Nightseeing Tours

Series of self-guided and performed events, preferably on bicycles, which explore the dark side of off-season scenic sites. The lack of sight allows one to adjust the proportion of (their) visual sensations in overall experience to a minimum, giving more breadth to other instruments inherent to human bodies and more space for unguided narratives. Participants are advised to avoid having any lights on them other than a camera flash. The camera acts as an unsuspecting gaze, capturing snapshots triggered by blind intuition. In these events, a tour is considered as a narrative, a performance, a black-box situation – a cultural format that is open for experimentation and collaboration with other willing parties.

An image can tell you a thousand words, but these words forge a narrative that structures your relation to space. Meet darkness, a handful of nothing, a space that fills the void between our bodies and the stars. To wander into the darkness means questioning our habits of perception, fleeing the regime of visibility and following the unguided narratives of an expanse.

Event posters

Selection of images captured by participants

Intervention into tourist shops in Reykjavík